EnergyTech Transition NL - Dec 11th, 2023
National Renewable Energy Laboratory Selected by DOE to Head Two $19M Energy Earthshot Projects to Accelerate Breakthroughs with Offshore Wind and LDES Degradation
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December 11, 2023
Once fully operational, the project will feature 62 wind turbines and deliver 806 MW of clean energy - enough to power nearly 400,000 homes and businesses
The funding is part of the DOE's Energy Earthshot Initiative, which is designed to accelerate breakthroughs that create more abundant, affordable, and reliable clean solutions
The two BESS projects will utilize e-STORAGE’s SolBank and support more than 40,000 homes while facilitating the UK's transition to net zero emissions by 2050
The future of the road to net zero must travel along many paths, from renewable energy installations to battery storage and maybe even hydrogen and carbon capture down the road. Open minds must be part of the conversation, and some high-level energy leaders argue that we cannot achieve those goals without...
The chargers are expected to generate 3,000 hours of charging per year, equaling over 1.7 million KWh and resulting in 700,000 kW in total carbon offset
It's time the IT behind EV charging is reconsidered as Event-Driven Architecture presents new opportunities for consumers