EnergyTech Transition NL - Apr 24th, 2024
Amazon and United Airlines Invest in Verne Cryo-Compressed Hydrogen Technology for Heavy-Duty Fleets
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April 24, 2024
Utilities were anticipating flat load growth only a few years ago, but the unstoppable momentum of AI, data center expansion, and electrification blew those forecasts apart. Now, the future requires decentralized and diverse power generation solution
Verne's technology provides a 33% improvement in internal density over liquid hydrogen while enabling semi-trucks to achieve over 900 miles of range without adding any weight to the system
The agreement incorporates $134 million in infrastructure improvements, a 10% reduction in carbon emissions, a 25% decrease in purchased electricity, and a 33% guaranteed savings in energy
Approximately 70 medium-duty trucks in NJNG’s fleet now run on Neste MY renewable diesel. The vehicles account for nearly 57,000 gallons of renewable diesel, which is estimated to reduce GHG emissions by up to 550 tons annually
The University's fuel cell units are not only expected to generate 1.8 MW and reduce the load on the electrical grid serving the campus but also minimize the interruptions during times of peak electricity demand
The investments will go towards helping farmers, ranchers, and small rural businesses adopt renewable energy technologies, conduct critical energy audits, and make energy efficiency improvements to cut costs and carbon pollution