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Contributor's Guidelines

Target Audience

Our target audience includes energy managers, plant managers and chief sustainability officers working for large electricity users (Fortune 1000 companies), such as industrial manufacturing, refineries, commercial and industrial building owners, schools and universities, government entities, municipalities, data centers. These individuals are working to implement sustainable technologies like energy storage, renewables, microgrids and electrification. In addition, the audience includes energy efficiency equipment OEMs and energy efficiency consultants.


Content categories:

•      Energy Storage: Battery Storage, Flywheel, Compressed Air, Thermal Energy Storage, Vehicle-to-Grid

•      Electrification: Electric Vehicles, Charging Stations, Electric Ports, Electric Fleets, Electrification within manufacturing

•      Renewable Energy: Solar Power, Geothermal, Small Wind, Green Hydrogen, Marine Energy

•      Microgrids: Uninterruptable Power, Off-grid Solutions, Self-Healing Smart Grids, Virtual Power Plants

•      Distributed Energy: Energy Efficiency, Demand Response; Decentralized Generation


Content Types

Of particular interest are articles: (1) describing problems encountered and how they have been solved, (2) featuring an unusual installation or engineering application, (3) describing installations resulting in large energy savings and/or carbon footprint reductions, and (4) presenting labor-saving/cost-saving methods or designs.

Case study article for digital publication: Please prepare a 500 to 1500-word article on how a company successfully used a specific product, method or technology to benefit its business operations and/or lower its environmental impact. Please do not be afraid to include challenges, obstacles and what did and didn’t work.

Include relevant images and diagrams. Co-authors can include contractors and consulting firms or consulting divisions of major firms.

Commentary/thought leadership: Prepare an 800-word article on a pressing issue in the industry. What problems do we have? What are your ideas to solve them? Or write about a trend you have observed and how it will change or better the industry.

News Analysis: Take a recent news event or story and write an informed opinion about it. Provide link to the original story.

Gallery/Slide Show: Collect 8-12 images that tell a story, include a short intro (about 200 words) and a caption for each. Horizontal images at least 1000 pixels wide are optimal. Examples are how-tos (step by step photos) and projects.

News or products: These are the traditional news or product stories. They are about 500-750 words and include a photo and interesting industry news or new product facts and specifications.


Sponsored Content

Fee-based Sponsored Content is also an option. Ask us about our Lead Touch Program that includes metrics reports, leads, and extra promotion of content.

• Include at least one image with each submission. Digital images should be at least 770 pixels wide for optimal use.

• Avoid commercial language and claims that cannot be substantiated such as “best in class,” “better than,” “unprecedented,” etc.

• Avoid quotes that do not add information to the story, such as “I am excited that”

• EnergyTech editorial reserves the right to edit content for grammar and readability. We will choose content based on relevance to the EnergyTech audience.

• Each contribution will be included in at least one EnergyTech e-newsletter and sent out through social media.

• Contributor agreement/license will be sent via email upon acceptance.


For questions about online content submission, contact Rod Walton

(412) 376-7454 or [email protected].