Alliant Energy to Improve Energy Reliability in Wisconsin Village with new Microgrid

Nov. 2, 2021
The power grid will have islanding capability

Alliant Energy will set up a community-based microgrid system, which will ensure enhanced energy reliability for the residents of the Village of Boaz in Richland County, Wisconsin.

What the utility called a "first-of-its-kind project" will build a small-scale power grid with islanding capability, which will enable it to be disconnected from the traditional grid and be operated independently in case of any kind of service disruption.

“At Alliant Energy, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve reliability and deploy cutting edge technical solutions to our customers,” said Mike Bremel, director of Engineering and Customer Solutions at Alliant Energy. “This innovative project is one of several research pilot projects Alliant Energy is implementing as we continue to develop our renewable energy portfolio and energy storage solutions.”

 The project will deliver improved reliability for about 120 customers in the Village of Boaz. The site is located along County Road E in the Dayton Township, Richland County. Project development and initial site construction will start in autumn and the microgrid equipment installation will take place in spring 2022.

 “This infrastructure upgrade ensures local community members and businesses will have access to safe and reliable power while providing Alliant Energy operational experience and knowledge that may be applied to future development and research,” said Mike Bremel. “From an engineering standpoint, we are excited for this investment in new energy solutions that will shape the transition to more local, resilient and reliable renewable power production for generations to come.” 

The utility called this project a part of its Clean Energy Blueprint planning. Last year, Alliant built a solar microgrid, the $200,000 Sauk city project, near a state park in Wisconsin. 

Alliant Energy provides regulated service to 975,000 electric customers in Iowa and Wisconsin.