Catalyze Introduces 3.8 MWdc Community Solar Farm in Adelanto, CA

Aug. 4, 2023
The project, contracted by Southern California Edison, will supply clean energy to commercial utility customers and residents

Under California’s Enhanced Community Renewables (ECR) program, Catalyze has inaugurated the 3.8 MWdc Sheep Creek Community Solar Farm in Adelanto, California, which will be contracted by Southern California Edison (SCE).

The community solar farm is designed to generate clean energy for both residential and commercial accounts with 241 subscribers. The project will not only give customers access to solar energy but will also support SCE to comply with California's Green Tariff Shared Renewables program, which ensures 100% solar energy options.

The energy generated from the Sheep Creek Community Solar Farm will be added to the subscribers’ bills as a Community Renewables Credit, which can offset up to 100% of generation charges.

The generated solar energy will also help California achieve its goal of 100% renewable energy use by 2045 and will be added to the state’s renewable energy supply portfolio.

“Community solar plays a key role in ensuring that participation in the clean energy transition is accessible to all,” said Jared Haines, CEO of Catalyze. “It is our hope that Sheep Creek can act as an example for other projects to follow statewide, and we can accelerate the execution of more community solar projects to help reach the goal of ensuring widespread availability of renewable energy.”

Under the ECR program, Ampion will handle subscriber acquisition and revenue management for the project. The program allows low-to-middle-income residents to reduce their own carbon footprint and utility costs with minimal pressure on the power grid.

“Since community solar projects have no upfront cost or installation needed for users, they are an excellent way for states to give their citizens access to renewable energy,” said Nate Owen, CEO of Ampion. “With Ampion’s successful acquisition of both enterprise and residential customers, all energy generated from the site will be used by the community.”