Hexagon Purus Supplying Hydrogen Storage Cylinders for New Flyer’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell E-Transit Bus

Feb. 8, 2024
The cylinders will be delivered throughout 2024 under an estimated contract value of approximately $4 million

Hexagon Purus, a manufacturer of zero-emission mobility and infrastructure solutions, has been selected as a supplier of hydrogen cylinders for the fourth time by New Flyer, a subsidiary of NFI Group, offering low- and zero-emission heavy-duty transit buses to customers across the U.S. and Canada.

“Transport accounts for around 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and hydrogen can play an important role in cleaning up this sector,“ said Michael Kleschinski, EVP of Hydrogen Mobility & Infrastructure.

Under an estimated contract value of approximately $4 million, Hexagon Purus will provide its Type 4 hydrogen storage cylinders for New Flyer’s next-generation, zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell electric transit bus, the Xcelsior CHARGE FC, which enables a driving range of 370+ miles/600 km on a single refueling. 

The Type 4, Buy America-compliant hydrogen storage cylinders will be produced out of Hexagon Purus’ facility in Westminster, Maryland, and will be delivered throughout 2024.

Hexagon Purus invested about $7 million in upscaling the Westminister plant, which it opened in early 2023. It planned the manufactuing footprint to produce up to 10,000 hydrogen cylinders per year for long-mile transport vehicles such as Class 8 tractors and large transit buses. 

Hexagon Purus is part of the global Hexagon Group parent company. The parent firm also is focused on decarbonization technologies for the transportations sector, which in the past has included compressed natural gas tanks.