Hitachi Energy Introduces EconiQ Transformers with Eco-Efficient Design

Oct. 26, 2021
Expected to reduce carbon emissions by 23% over the lifecycle

Hitachi Energy introduced its EconiQ transformers - 115/21 kilovolts (kV), 40 mega volt-ampere (MVA) – co-created with customers, using proven scientific methodologies for transparency. The transformer has an eco-efficient design and uses biodegradable insulation fluids for safety. It is expected to reduce carbon emission by about 23% over the lifecycle and eutrophication and water toxicity by about 15%, while also eliminating any environmental impacts of mineral oil leakages.

Co-created with customers, Hitachi Energy will additionally customize the transformers to customers’ sustainability requirements.

In the initial phase, the new transformers will be available only for liquid-filled applications.

Manufactured in Hitachi Energy’s factories using fossil-free electricity, the new transformers prove the firm’s commitment to its carbon neutrality target, set under its Sustainability 2030 strategic plan.