Denver municipal, county leaders tackling Building Electrification partnership

Oct. 13, 2022
In partnership with BlocPower and Energy Outreach Colorado, the city will undertake building improvements, including the use of renewable electricity and the development of community solar gardens

Heat pump systems firm BlocPower, non-profit organization Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC) and the City and County of Denver’s Office of Climate Action, Sustainability and Resiliency (CASR) have signed a three-year partnership as part of the Healthy Homes Program to expand their equitable building electrification efforts in the city and county of Denver.

The Healthy Homes Program aligns with Denver’s climate goals of eliminating GHG emissions by 2040.

The partnering organizations will decarbonize 200 low- to moderate-income households via the Healthy Homes Program. It will provide building electrification where needed the most. Their work will include providing access to solar energy, development of community solar gardens, replacement of gas appliances with heat pump heating and cooling systems and electric induction stoves.

BlocPower will focus on delivering the benefits of building electrification to multi-family buildings while EOC will focus on income-qualified single family homes.

"BlocPower is committed to making buildings smarter, greener and healthier while ensuring decarbonization upgrades are affordable for all Americans," said Founder and CEO Donnel Baird. "The only serious path to addressing the climate crisis is through prioritizing marginalized communities, and we applaud Denver for recognizing this and taking real climate action."

The program will touch many of Denver's climate and equity targets, including investment in renewable energy, adapting to climate change, upgrading homes for reduced emissions and job creation.