Mott eyes Clean Energy expansion with focus on Green H2 generation

Feb. 28, 2023
The manufacturer of ultra-thin, porous metal sheets, which are used in the generation of hydrogen, plans the new facility to help it quadruple green H2 engineering solutions

Metal sheet, filtration and flow control products manufacturer Mott has unveiled plans to open a new facility focused on clean energy.

The 65,000 square-foot facility would employ at least 100 people and be located close to its headquarters in Farmington, Connecticut.

With a total investment worth tens of millions of dollars in the pipeline, the new facility is expected to enable Mott to quadruple production capacity for custom-designed green hydrogen engineering solutions.

“This investment will bolster Connecticut’s role as a home for innovation in clean energy, one of the fastest-growing industries there is,” said Boris Levin, CEO of Mott. “Mott has pioneered unique technology that the world’s leading energy producers need to generate green hydrogen, and the new facility will quadruple our production capacity.”

Global demand for hydrogen is projected to rise fivefold by 2050, yet less than 5 percent of the world’s hydrogen is produced sustainably. Hydrogen is usually generated through steam reforming of methane gas, which is carbon intensive, or by electrolyzers which split the H2 from water.

Based in Plainville, Connecticut, Mott is a producer of ultra-thin, porous metal sheets, which are used in the generation of hydrogen, a low-emission fuel which provides high energy density and a smaller or zero-carbon footprint if the electrolyzers are powered by solar, wind, hydro or nuclear.