Schneider Electric Collaborating with NVIDIA on Designs to Increase Energy Efficiency for AI Data Centers

March 19, 2024
Schneider Electric expects the reference designs to address the evolving demands of AI workloads while optimizing performance, scalability, and overall sustainability

Schneider Electric is collaborating with NVIDIA, an artificial intelligence (AI) computing company, to optimize data center infrastructure using AI and digital twin technologies and to introduce publicly available AI data center reference designs.

In the collaboration’s first phase, Schneider Electric will introduce data center reference designs tailored for NVIDIA accelerated computing clusters and built for data processing, engineering simulation, electronic design automation, computer-aided drug design, and generative AI.

Special focus will be paid to enabling high-power distribution, liquid-cooling systems, and controls designed to ensure simple commissioning and reliable operations for the extreme-density cluster.

Through this collaboration, Schneider Electric hopes to provide data center owners and operators with the tools and resources required to integrate new and evolving AI solutions into their infrastructure, enhancing deployment efficiency and ensuring reliable life-cycle operations.

“We’re unlocking the future of AI for organizations,” said Pankaj Sharma, EVP of Secure Power Division & Data Center Business at Schneider Electric. “By combining our expertise in data center solutions and NVIDIA’s leadership in AI technologies, we’re helping organizations to overcome data center infrastructure limitations and unlock the full potential.”

Schneider Electric expects the reference designs to address the evolving demands of AI workloads by offering a framework for implementing NVIDIA’s accelerated computing platform within data centers while optimizing performance, scalability, and overall sustainability.

Partners, engineers, and data center leaders can utilize these reference designs for existing data center rooms that support new deployments of high-density AI servers and new data center buildings that are fully optimized for liquid-cooled AI clusters.

“Through our collaboration with Schneider Electric, we’re providing… organizations with the necessary infrastructure to tap into the potential of AI, driving innovation and digital transformation across industries,” said Ian Buck, VP of Hyperscale and HPC at NVIDIA.

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