New Green Hydrogen Plant Planned for Western Canada

June 21, 2024
The proposed first pilot phase of the project at Campbell River aims for a daily production of 15 metric tons per day of green hydrogen gas.

BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada—NTE Discovery Park, owner of the Discovery Park industrial site in Campbell River, and hydrogen developer Quantum Technology have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the co-development of a green hydrogen production plant in Campbell River, B.C., Canada, using renewable electricity.

The proposed first pilot phase of the project with a daily production target of 15 metric tons per day of green hydrogen gas (H2) will be used to provide mobility fuels for Campbell River, Vancouver Island, and Lower Mainland markets, while the second phase will be a full-scale project with an expanded capacity and will deliver green liquid hydrogen to the entire Pacific Northwest region for heavy transportation.

Hydrogen does not contain carbon in its chain so does not emit carbon dioxide when combusted. However, H2 is a lighter gas which requires fundamental changes in both pipelines and combustion technology for turbines. Many companies are currently working on developing a 100% hydrogen-fired power turbine, but currently hydrogen can be blended as a small percentage of natural gas to further reduce CO2 emissions.

Hydrogen can be separated from natural gas via steam reforming of methane, but that is a carbon intensive process. To be considered truly green hydrogen, the H2 would be generated from electrolyzers powered by renewable, carbon-free resources such as solar, wind, hydro or nuclear.

Many transportation fleet companies are considering or adopting hydrogen fuel cell technologies for large-scale and long-route buses and trucks because of higher energy density and longer range than battery electric. Fuel cells convert fuel to electricity via an electrochemical process and do not emit greenhouse gases. 

NTE and Quantum aim to work with First Nations and other stake holders for an effective development of the project.