Trina Storage Providing 190 MWh BESS with Solar PV Modules to Four Low Carbon UK Sites

Feb. 9, 2024
Each system will be a “two-hour project” and will be co-located with a solar power plant to produce energy and bring additional renewables onto the UK grid

Trina Storage, a business unit of Trina Solar, will provide battery energy storage systems (BESS) to four UK sites operated by the independent power producer Low Carbon. The systems will deliver nearly 190 MWh of combined storage capacity, allowing for new arbitrage and ancillary capabilities at each plant.

Each system will be a “two-hour project,” meaning the BESS can provide its rated power output continuously for two hours. The projects will also be co-located with a solar power plant to produce energy and bring additional renewables onto the UK grid.

“We have high ambitions for our UK sites and see great potential in using storage for arbitrage and the provision of grid services. Our collaboration with Trina Storage will help us to maximize the potential of our sites and accelerate the energy transition,” said Justin Thesiger, Managing Director of Global Supply Chain at Low Carbon.

The four selected project sites include Low Carbon’s Meadow, Sandon Brook, Fern Brook, and Birch Solar Farms.

The project will also involve Trina Storage Elementa 0.5P cabinets – a modular, fully integrated smart storage solution for grid-scale installation. Key features of these cabinets include:

  • Safety features, including liquid-cooled lithium iron phosphate batteries, configurable multi-level battery management systems, and fire suppression systems.
  • An integrated energy management system combining hardware and software for monitoring, controlling, and optimizing energy flow and consumption.
  • A simple plug-and-play concept for rapid installation.

As part of the project, Trina Storage will provide complete system servicing, including consulting, system design, supply, and integration, and a long-term services agreement covering maintenance and extended performance warranties.

Through these long-term service agreements, Trina Storage will also provide Low Carbon with preventive maintenance and a 15-year warranty with flexible usage parameters.