Black Sky Hazards & Grid Resilience

Nov. 16, 2021 - Nov. 17, 2021
Part of the T&D World Power Up™ Virtual Event Series

2020 has heightened our awareness regarding the fragility and interdependencies of our modern connected world, as well as the potentially catastrophic outcomes of grid failure, both natural and unnatural. More so than ever, the improbable is probable, and how we assess risk is changing.

The time to plan is now. We’re creating a space where together, we can collaborate on strategies around hardening, protecting, and controlling our nation’s grid to chart the course for a more reliable and resilient future. 

 Be a part of solution, join us at T&D World’s Black Sky Hazards & Grid Resilience virtual event.

 Topic Areas

  • ASSESSMENT, PLANNING & PREVENTION: To assess and prepare for the impacts of any power outage, it’s important to plan, share information and create incident response scenarios to secure the grid against prolonged outages and vulnerabilities.  This track will explore success stories, lessons learned and future trends from the utility perspective.
  • RESPONSE & RECOVERY It’s not practical or possible to prevent all disruptions to the grid.  This track will feature stories about the restoration and response approaches utilities are taking to reduce the impacts of a critical outage.
  • TECHNOLOGY INNOVATIONS This track examines grid modernization technologies available to help utilities protect the grid and decrease impacts from extreme weather events, as well as cyber and physical security threats.