Microsoft Tapping into Microgrids and RNG to Power Data Center During Grid Outages

Dec. 13, 2023
The microgrid will also provide Microsoft with 80% to 96% lower local emissions than required by the EPA

Microsoft has announced a partnership with Enchanted Rock, an electrical resiliency microgrid provider, and U.S. Energy to power Microsoft's new data center in San Jose during grid outages or when California's Base Interruptible Power (BIP) is activated. 

The partners will work to procure renewable natural gas (RNG) to fuel Enchanted Rock's electrical resiliency-as-a-service and ultra-low-emission generators to avoid disruptions during operations. 

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By utilizing the carbon-neutral RNG, the resiliency microgrid will help Microsoft's San Jose data center achieve maximum uptime by providing reliable backup power during grid outages. The microgrid will also provide Microsoft with 80% to 96% lower local emissions than required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

U.S. Energy will deliver RNG sourced from diverted food waste, which would have otherwise been sent to landfills. The RNG will be injected upstream through a pipeline to match natural gas usage at the site and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The agreement also allows for flexibility in the amount of RNG being supplied. 

Procurement of the RNG is scheduled to commence in early 2026, and together, these initiatives are set to help Microsoft reach its goal of becoming carbon-negative by 2030.

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