Vision RNG to Convert Meridian Waste Sites’ Landfill Gases to Renewable Natural Gas

Oct. 28, 2021
Systems for the purpose are being installed at sites in Missouri and Virginia

Vision RNG partnered with Meridian Waste Acquisitions to convert landfill gases (LFG) from multiple Meridian Waste landfills in Missouri and Virginia to sustainable renewable natural gas (RNG) for end users. Construction of the gas collection and control systems is underway at the sites. The firms expect output from these projects starting late 2022 or early 2023.

Meridian Waste CEO Walter “Wally” Hall said “Our landfill disposal facilities are highly engineered structures that protect the natural environment while providing a vital infrastructure to local communities. We are proud to partner with Vision RNG and invest in the technology to convert landfill gas generated from the organic decomposition process into clean energy to power homes and businesses furthering our mission for a cleaner environment.”

 “We’re committed to be part of the solution to greenhouse gases by developing projects that safely convert waste emissions into projects that are not only marketable, but environmentally friendly,” Bill Johnson, CEO of Vision RNG said, “We’re happy to be working with a leading and progressive landfill operator like Meridian Waste who understands the environmental and economic benefits of these projects. Our partnership to capture and convert these emissions will also benefit the communities Meridian Waste serves.”

The leadership at Vision RNG has decades of experience in the fields of waste management, energy and construction. Recently, the firm secured $100 million in capital from Vision Ridge Partners, which invests in sustainable real assets.