Denver Municipal Leaders approve $26M Community Solar Project plan

Nov. 12, 2021
The contract is expected to add 4.6 MW to the Renewable Denver Community Solar initiative

Staff and News Reports.

The Denver City Council’s safety committee has approved a $26 million contract for solar power generating facilities and electric vehicle charging stations in the city, according to the Denver Gazette website.

The entire council will vote on the 25-year contract in the coming weeks. The contract is part of the Renewable Denver Community Solar initiative, which aims to set up 15 MW of city-owned community solar projects by 2025.

The proposed contract with McKinstry Essention is for 10 solar panel arrays, which are expected to add 4.6 MW to the Renewable Denver Community Solar initiative. The contract will cover designing, construction and maintenance of the facilities. The solar arrays will be installed on rooftops and across land parcels and city parking lots. If the entire council approves the contract, construction will begin in four phases in 2022 and the contract will last until 1 November 2046.

“From an equity standpoint, this is really important and is a great opportunity,” Council President Stacie Gilmore is quoted by the Denver newspaper article. “I’d be really interested in how we can build this program out.”

 A total of four of the arrays will be installed at the Denver International Airport and National Western Center Campus as well as solar carports at recreation centers, schools and city offices in Districts 5, 6, 8, 9 and 11. The distribution of the solar arrays has been criticised by some as not being spread out among community regions.

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