Silicon Ranch contracts Black & Veatch to build 125-MW Solar array in Georgia

Feb. 10, 2022
Construction of Silicon Ranch’s 125 MWAC DeSoto I Solar Farm will be completed in 2022

Solar power producer Silicon Ranch Corporation has selected Black & Veatch to build a 125 MWAC solar array in Lee County in southwestern Georgia.

Developer Silicon Ranch Corp.’s new solar farm project will integrate its “regenerative energy” land-management model.

Black & Veatch was selected to handle construction duties for the DeSoto I solar farm in Lee County, Georgia. This model combines solar energy production and regenerative agriculture practices at the same location.

After the construction is complete, the firm will restore the land to a grassland ecosystem, enabling managed sheep grazing using regenerative land management practices.

Silicon Ranch is funding the project. It will own, operate and maintain the project for the long term.

Black & Veatch Senior Vice President of renewable solutions Paul Skurdahl said the project aligns with the firm’s proven record of innovative approaches to supplying clean, affordable energy. It demonstrates how carbon footprints may be reduced without disrupting the environment.

Silicon Ranch Co-Founder and CEO Reagan Farr said, “Thousands of Georgia residents have already helped us build more than a dozen world-class facilities in the region, and we will work with Black & Veatch and our partners in Lee County to recruit local talent for DeSoto I as well.”