Texas Biorefinery project moving forward with $150M in Tax & Credits secured

Feb. 21, 2022
The new Texas Renewable Fuels biorefinery will convert wood waste to clean burning transportation fuel, including SAF, renewable diesel and renewable naphtha

Texas Renewable Fuels (TRF), a subsidiary of USA BioEnergy, is setting up an advanced biorefinery in Texas after receiving $150 million in state and federal credits and tax incentives.

The biorefinery, to be located in the Newton County region of southwest Texas, will convert 1 million green tons of wood waste to 34 million gallons of transportation fuel annually. The fuel produced at the refinery will include sustainable aviation fuel, renewable diesel and renewable naphtha.

TRF has fuel offtake agreements in place with a major logistics firm and a premier airline. The firm will double production capacity at the plant to 68 million gallons annually.

Over the life of the biorefinery, it will capture and sequester approximately 50 million metric tons of CO2. The biorefinery project is expected to complete late in 2025.

USA BioEnergy will deliver more than 100 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel into Los Angeles International Airport annually, USA BioEnergy CEO Nick Andrews said. This will eliminate more than 50 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions over 20 years, he added.

“We achieve this by capturing CO2 as part of our process then sequester it in permanent geologic storage deep underground,” Andrews pointed out. “This gives us the lowest carbon intensity score in the industry. We do this as part of our mission to achieve our environmental, social and corporate governance goals and we strive to meet them globally to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.”

Forest2Market conducted an extensive feedstock study on the wood biomass availability in the area surrounding the planned Bon Wier refinery.

“After months of research and analysis, we concluded that there is an abundance of woody biomass feedstock supply available to support both the initial phase of the plant, as well as the company’s future expansion plans to double production,” Forest2Market Bioenergy & Biochemical Sector Sales Manager Larry Sullivan said.

The project could create about 585 construction jobs and close to 142 positions at completion, a Newton County official said.