Powering Sustainable Farming: California Vineyard Transitions to Solar Energy and Electric Tractors

Sept. 5, 2023
The vineyard has reduced its fuel and service expenses by as much as 60% and can complete continuous day and night operations without producing any emissions

Paired Power, a solar-powered EV charging products provider, has partnered with Monarch Tractor, a maker of fully electric, driver-optional, connected tractors, to help Kaerskov Vineyard in the Santa Ynez Valley reduce its reliance on fossil fuels by creating a charging infrastructure on the agricultural property.

The vineyard now hosts Paired Power’s DCFC SunStation High-Powered Charger, which provides power to a fleet of electric tractors supplied by Monarch, helping the Carr Winery-managed property to gain independence from the grid without adding utility costs while promoting sustainable farming practices.

"Carr Winery and Kaerskov Vineyard are committed to sustainable farming practices, and we are eager to utilize electric tractors powered by renewable energy on our properties to reduce emissions and avoid impact to the grid," said winemaker Ryan Carr, the operational partner of Kaerskov Vineyard. "By partnering with Paired Power and Monarch Tractor, we are taking significant steps towards reducing our environmental impact."

Switching to solar power resolves several issues that many agricultural sites at the end of grid distribution lines face, such as an unstable supply of electricity, without having to pay for costly power line upgrades. Additionally, solar provides a stable supply of electricity, making the transition to electric tractors cost-advantageous to farmers.

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In combination with Paired Power’s solar offerings, Monarch electric tractors have helped some farmers reduce their fuel and service expenses by as much as 60%. This partnership has also enabled Kaerskov Vineyard to successfully complete continuous day and night operations without producing any emissions.

“Our mission at Monarch Tractor is to elevate overall operations, improve farmer profitability, and pave the way for sustainable farming,” said Praveen Penmetsa, Co-Founder and CEO of Monarch Tractor. “Pairing the all-electric MK-V with renewable charging infrastructure like the SunStation HPC brings us closer to a farming future that is powered by clean energy solutions.”