SeaWorld San Antonio Installing 4.3 MW Parking Lot Solar Canopy

Oct. 9, 2023
The 1,200 solar panels will produce enough energy to cover 16% of the park’s electricity consumption, equivalent to powering 3,000 homes annually

SeaWorld San Antonio has started installing a parking lot solar canopy to not only shade visitors during extreme heat but also provide a source of renewable energy to contribute to the park’s sustainability efforts.

"SeaWorld San Antonio's investment in this groundbreaking solar project is a testament to our company's commitment to environmental stewardship," said Jodi Davenport, President of SeaWorld San Antonio. "Our goal is to inspire and educate guests about animals and conservation, and just the sight of the solar panel carport when guests first arrive will instill in them the importance of renewable energy."

The 4.3 MW solar canopy will be the largest canopy in the SeaWorld system, and the park hopes the canopy will set a new standard for solar energy integration within the amusement park industry.

The canopy will be located in the VIP section of SeaWorld’s parking lot and will shade approximately 1,200 parking spots. In total, the solar panels will produce enough energy to cover 16% of the park’s electricity consumption. The impact of this added renewable energy is equivalent to burning 28,000,000 pounds of coal or powering 3,000 homes annually.

The solar panel canopy is currently under construction and is expected to be completed by April 2024.

"We are delighted to be partnering with SeaWorld San Antonio in bringing this ambitious solar parking lot canopy to life," said Mat Elmore, Senior Vice President of Corporate Clean Energy Solutions for Pivot Energy, the manufacturer of the solar panel system.  "This project demonstrates SeaWorld's commitment to sustainability and their dedication to providing a memorable and environmentally friendly experience for their visitors. We are proud to contribute to their green initiatives."