EnGoPlanet and Calhoun County Partner on Solar Streetlight Project for Texas Public Parks

April 18, 2024
The solar-powered street lights are primarly placed in remote areas that lack access to traditional electricity and are resilient to storms and blackouts, which are common near the Texas Gulf Coast

EnGoPlanet, a Houston-based solar street lighting company, and Calhoun County, a coastal county on the mid-Texas coast, have nearly completed a solar street light installation project.

The project, which utilizes EnGoPlanet's ENGO Utility program, comprises 300 solar street lights and 20 advanced solar poles equipped with cameras that will be placed throughout multiple public parks in Calhoun County. 

The solar-powered street lights are primarily placed in remote areas that lack access to traditional electricity. They are motion-activated, with special consideration given to wildlife. They have no underground conduit, wiring, or trenching and are resilient in storms and blackouts—which is key considering Calhoun County's proximity to the Texas Gulf Coast. 

"Our partnership with EnGoPlanet and the street light project is a testament to Calhoun County's dedication to enhancing safety and security for our residents. We encourage other counties in the State of Texas to explore the positive impacts of solar energy on public infrastructure. This is a game-changer for innovation in the sustainable energy space," said Commissioner David Hall, Precinct 1.

Additionally, the solar street lights are produced according to DarkSky certification to reduce light pollution by minimizing glare and light trespass. The initiative not only improves nighttime visibility and deters crime but also highlights the county's commitment to green technology and reducing its carbon footprint.

"Our work in Calhoun County is a prime example of how collaboration and innovative thinking can create not just economic value but also profound social and environmental impact. Municipalities and counties should explore many available grants through the Inflation Reduction Act to help fund renewable energy initiatives for their communities," said Petar Mirovic, CEO of EnGoPlanet.