Voltus, ENTOUCH Partner on Multi-Site Microgrids for Retail

Oct. 26, 2021
This aggregate demand reduction delivers cash to retailers while bringing relief to the electric grid, partners said

Distributed energy resource (DER) technology company Voltus, Inc. is partnering with ENTOUCH, an energy management solutions firm for multi-site operators.

This partnership will unlock new cash-generating market opportunities for the thousands of retail facilities under ENTOUCH's management in the nine U.S. and Canadian markets Voltus serves.

"ENTOUCH and Voltus are innovating the way multi-site operators can participate in DER programs," explains Françoise Parker, Voltus' Vice President of Strategic Sales. "Historically, opportunities for these customers have been limited due to perceived lack of operational flexibility and load on a per-site basis. Voltus' platform, alongside ENTOUCH's energy management solutions, solves these problems by instantaneously curtailing energy consumption across thousands of locations in response to electricity market signals. This aggregate demand reduction not only delivers cash to retailers but also brings much-needed relief to the electric grid."

"Voltus provides our customers with more programs and significant unplanned revenue opportunities," says ENTOUCH's Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Todd Brinegar. "Through Voltus, many of our customers will have the opportunity to access the value of quick-response operating reserves products for the first time. By marrying Voltus' and ENTOUCH's capabilities together, we have a unique opportunity to provide a critical resource to an overstressed grid while improving the profits of our customers."

Voltus' commercial and industrial customers and grid services partners generate cash by allowing Voltus to maximize the value of their flexible load, distributed generation, energy storage, energy efficiency, and electric vehicle resources in these markets.

ENTOUCH is concerned with energy management as a service and smart building technology. The company's turnkey solution digitally transforms and optimizes operations while reducing energy usage to drive profitability for multisite businesses.