Standard Solar, SolarPark Energy complete 7.1 MW community solar project in York

June 9, 2022
The project is expected to produce about 10,794,000 kilowatt-hours annually

Solar solutions firm Standard Solar and community solar developer SolarPark Energy have completed a 7.1 MW community solar project in York, New York, which is fully subscribed through Catalyst Power.

Standard Solar funded this project and will own and operate it over the long term. SolarPark Energy developed the project and Catalyst Power Holdings is managing subscriber acquisition and customer service for it.

The York project is a single-axis tracker system, which is expected to produce approximately 10,794,000 kilowatt-hours annually.

Standard Solar’s Director of Business Development Daryl Pilon said, ““In addition to benefiting hundreds of local businesses and residents, this project brings New York one step closer to meeting the goal of the state’s Climate Act to generate 70% of New York’s electricity from renewable energy by 2030,”

Catalyst Power CEO Gabe Philips added, “New York’s community solar program is among the fastest and easiest ways for businesses to save money while supporting the local community. We’re thrilled to be working with Standard Solar and SolarPark Energy to fully subscribe the York community solar farm.”

The project is dedicated to the late Thomas Guzek, the SolarPark Energy Founder.

Pilon said, ““A native of New York, Tom was a tireless renewable energy advocate for the state, and he worked relentlessly to bring the benefits of solar and clean energy to the community of York. Working with Tom and Anne Cassidy to bring this project to closing was a truly rewarding experience. We’re proud to honor Tom’s memory by dedicating this project to him.”

SolarPark Energy Managing Partner Anne Cassidy added, “It warms my heart that this project is being dedicated to Tommy. He worked so hard on this and many other projects. His vision from 2015 was to help facilitate the slowing down of global warming. He wanted to do all he could to leave future generations a better world. The driving force behind his vision was for everyone to have easy access to solar energy without solar panels, whether it is a business, people in homes, or even people renting apartments. He was so glad that this project was going to succeed.”

As of March , New York had reached over 1 GW of installed community solar generation capacity across the region.