PG&E proposes installation of 16K EV Chargers in Public Lots

Nov. 1, 2021
The program will boost EV adoption and California's zero-carbon goals

Pacific Gas and Electric Company is asking California state utility regulators to approve installation of Level 2 EV chargers and fast chargers at public locations, including shopping centers, park-and-ride lots, and local government buildings, in Northern and Central California. The charging network will boost EV adoption as there will be convenient access to charging infrastructure even during travel.

The proposal builds on the successful completion of PG&E’s EV Charge Network program by installing infrastructure for 16,000 additional charging ports.

“Expanding the use of electric vehicles is essential for California to achieve its bold climate and clean-air goals. With this proposed program, we believe we can continue doing our part to expand EV charging infrastructure for our customers, which is a critical component of increasing EV adoption. We value our role as an active partner in helping make EVs an option for millions of Californians. Reducing vehicle emissions is good for our state and good for the environment,” said PG&E’s Aaron August, Vice President, Business Development and Customer Engagement.

The program entails the installation or rebate of electrical infrastructure to connect parking lots to the electric grid and installing EV chargers in some cases. The proposal will include efforts toward EV car-share partnerships, implementing community input on charger location, covering all costs for some multifamily housing customer sites, offering grants to organizations working on driving EV adoption and allocating 50% of infrastructure spending for transportation electrification programs in underserved communities.