Clever’s EV charging station in Denmark to use Hitachi Energy’s Battery Storage

Nov. 24, 2021
The BESS-equipped station will maximize the use of clean energy for charging

Denmark’s fast-charge EV operator Clever has signed a sustainable mobility partnership with Hitachi Energy to launch a fast-charge EV station pilot in Køge, the main transport and commuter link to Copenhagen.

It will be the first charging station in the world to be equipped with Hitachi Energy’s large-scale e-mesh 1.2 MW / 1.5 MWh PowerStore battery energy storage system (BESS). This new station will launch early in 2022.

The station will have the capacity to charge 16 electric cars across eight stations simultaneously, when it opens. It will use rooftop solar and an e-mesh Control System. Using Hitachi Energy’s BESS, Clever will be able to offer a solution to customers that will maximize the use of clean energy for charging. The BESS will provide the ancillary services so power can be sold back to the main grid. The BESS can also be used to charge electric cars directly during peak periods.

 It will pave the way to the electrification of the transportation sector and enable the integration of renewables and help attain a carbon-neutral society.

 Hitachi Energy had recently updated its e-meshTM portfolio to make it suitable for the EV charging market. The e-meshTM solutions are expected to be the core solution for e-mobility growth by integrating BESS and local distributed energy resources. It may also be used for managing large EV fleet depots, optimizing EV recharging and coordinating fast-charging stations.