Connecticut transitions to Kawasaki M8 electric trains on Shore Line East route

June 1, 2022
The M8 EMU trains already have been in service on the New Haven Line for more than 10 years

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont announced that the long-awaited Kawasaki M8 Electric Multiple Units (EMU) have started running on Shore Line East (SLE).

The new EMUs are an improvement over the older diesel-powered train sets. These new trains offer additional features, like electric outlets, bright interior spaces, improved restrooms, better luggage racks and high back seats while eliminating carbon emissions.

“It is an improvement that has been long awaited, and has been delivered,” Gov. Lamont said. “We are speeding up transportation in the state and saving people time in their day. At the same time, we are fighting climate change by investing in cleaner, greener transportation. We are making investments in state-wide rail travel and delivering on the promise to make our trains faster, quieter, and more efficient.”

The M8 EMU trains have been in service on the New Haven Line for more than 10 years. Using electric trains on both the New Haven Line and SLE also holds the promise of future service improvements.

Department of Transportation Commissioner Joe Giulietti added that the transition to the new trains was a group effort of the CTDOT, Amtrak, Metro-North Railroad and the Federal Rail Administration. The new trains will offer a quieter and more comfortable ride to passengers.

“These newer, more reliable, and all-electric M8 trains on Shore Line East will both improve the customer experience for Connecticut visitors and residents and further reduce our carbon footprint,” Amtrak Assistant Vice President Tom Moritz said. “The benefits travelers will experience from these trains are due to the strong partnership we have with Governor Lamont, the State of Connecticut, and Metro-North, who all share Amtrak’s commitment to investing in rail and infrastructure.”