Atlante and IP partner to install EV Charging points across Italy

June 8, 2022

EV charging network developer Atlante has partnered with fuel distribution and mobility services firm IP to install charging points across Italy.

The firms will install 34 fast and ultra-fast charging points at five service stations in northern and central Italy. These installations will take place on main roads with high traffic density.

Initially, 26 of these on-the-go charging points will be installed by December 2022. These charging points will be powered by renewable energy from photovoltaic panels integrated in their canopies.

Another eight points will be installed by March 2023. The installations will include the integration of a storage system at one of the service stations.

The aim of this project is to provide a faster electric charging experience to Italian travellers. All charging points will be open to all EVs 24/7. These chargers will be compatible with all charging standards and service providers.

“We are delighted to work with Atlante to extend the charging offer of our service stations. We want to provide our customers with an outstanding electrical experience, using state-of-the-art charging, storage and supply technologies. Technologies in which Atlante and NHOA are major players on a global level. Together, we have set out a very concrete and pressing roadmap. By the end of the year, we will be able to welcome our customers in the new electrified service stations”, said Alberto Chiarini, CEO of IP.

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Atlante is part of the NHOA Group of companies.

“We are honoured to be at IP’s side in this unprecedented energy transition project. In addition to being the largest energy distributor for mobility in Italy, IP has an almost centenary experience in this complex energy management, most of all in terms of needs and expectations of consumers-drivers,” said Stefano Terranova, CEO of Atlante.

“It is not just about electrifying service stations; it is about demonstrating that we can turn them in real micro-grids thanks to energy storage modules and our energy management platform,” Terranova added. “In addition, with the installation of solar panels on all available surfaces, these service stations-microgrids will play a fundamental role towards Italian energy independence. This shared vision allowed us to sign an agreement of fundamental importance for Atlante.”