Property Decarbonization firm Sustainability Sooner orders 101 Solar Electric Vehicles

March 23, 2023
The order with startup Aptera Motors comprises 101 400-mile range, all-wheel drive solar electric vehicles, and it is valued at $3.35 million in future revenue

U.S.-based solar electric vehicle manufacturer Aptera Motors has secured its first fleet order from eco-accelerator and property management firm  ClimatePositive.Farm, which is being renamed

The order, which comprises 101 400-mile range, all-wheel drive solar electric vehicles, is valued at $3.35 million in future revenue, says crowd funded startup Aptera. It adds that the partnership aligns with both companies’ shared vision towards a greener future.

Based in High Point, North Carolina, develops and manages properties to produce more clean air, water and energy to lower its subscribers’ climate footprints while lowering their energy, living and mobility costs.

Aptera aims to grow its fleet from 101 vehicles to over 101,000 vehicles as it continues to expand its operations nationwide. According to the Carlsbad, California-based startup, its solar-powered vehicles can significantly reduce electric pollution by leveraging the electricity generated by onboard solar, resulting in zero CO2e/mi as well as zero nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compound (VOC) criteria pollutants.

SustainabilitySooner plans to use Aptera’s solar mobility in its promotional, agricultural and educational efforts. Additionally, the partnership will enable SustainabilitySooner to scout and locate raw land sites, where it will use artificially intelligent robotic solutions to map, plant, nurture, study and film native plants and wildlife while offering 24/7 virtual access to its subscribers to observe and participate online.

Under the terms of the agreement, new and existing Aptera reservation holders will be eligible to receive a discounted membership to’s online platform, while SustainabilitySooner subscribers will benefit from a 30-percent discount on the reservation fee for an Aptera pre-order.

“We’re grateful to establish our very first fleet deal with, a change-maker that embraces the solar mobility movement and empowers the community to make the world a better place,” said Chris Anthony, Co-CEO of Aptera Motors.