Valoe Joins $16M+ EU GIANTS Project to Develop Light EVs for Urban Traffic Solutions

Sept. 1, 2023
The GIANTS’ technology is expected to deliver 1.5 million vehicles annually starting in 2028

The EU’s new project, GIANTS (Green Intelligent Affordable Nano Transport Solutions), worth $16.26 million, has included Valoe Corporation as one of its partners, which include 24 major specialist companies and research institutes, to develop a set of technology solutions allowing the production of light electric vehicles suitable for urban traffic solutions.

$13 million will be granted to the project out of the total budget, while Valoe’s and Valoe Cells’ total share of the grant will be about $0.49 million. The partners develop modularity, scalability, and interoperability, as well as innovative charging and energy optimization solutions for light electric vehicles. The project is expected to last for 3.5 years.

While the platform will include a battery, a scalable e-drivetrain, a standardized vehicle control system, and integrated solar panels, a concept for recycling, reuse, and refurbishment will also be developed.

Moreover, a vehicle configuration tool to help 3rd parties design vehicles based on the platform will also be available. The GIANTS’ technology is expected to deliver 1.5 million vehicles annually starting in 2028.

Valoe will be responsible for developing the efficiency, cost competitiveness, and technological standard of the integrated solar panel system to help utilize solar power in L-Class vehicles. Looking at the project aiming to make a vehicle independent of the electricity grid, its platform will be demonstrated and validated for advanced markets and low-cost solutions for emerging markets.

Renault, Toyota Motor Europe, and the French company Valeo Equipements Electriques Moteur, which is responsible for the compatibility of parts and functions, are partners in the project. Clean Motion, Squad Mobility, and TUX Mobility will test and assess Valoe’s panel concept in Sweden, Belgium, and India.