ComEd and Millennium Garages Install First 100 EV Chargers at Chicago Parking Complex

Oct. 5, 2023
The partners plan to install up to a total of 300 EV chargers at the downtown Chicago parking complex by 2026

ComEd and Millennium Garages have collaborated to highlight the first 100 EV chargers installed as part of a larger plan to offer a total of 300 EV chargers at a downtown Chicago parking complex by 2026. The project was completed with technical and operational support from ComEd, Civic Infrastructure Collaborative, SP+ Corporation, and multiple other EV charging partners.

"ComEd is committed to working with customers and our partners from across the state to accelerate the adoption of EVs, which can help lower pollution and bring cleaner air into our communities," said Melissa Washington, SVP of Customer Operations and Chief Customer Officer. "Millennium Garages' work to convert savings from ComEd's energy efficiency programs into the buildout of the largest EV charging hub in the Midwest will expand charging options for Chicago's residents, visitors, and commuters, putting us closer to our clean transportation goals."

While Millennium Garages plans to triple EV charging capacity by 2026, four of its underground facilities have more than 9,000 parking spaces in the central part of the Chicago Loop.

The garages feature a variety of charging options for customers, including EVPassport, ChargePoint, FlashParking, and Tesla. All EV charging at Millennium Garages will be powered by certified renewable wind energy.

"Millennium makes it easy to go electric while making the most of our world-class city,” said Jamie Ponce, Millennium Garages' Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer.  “As Chicago returns to in-person work and play, our EV charging program highlights how urban infrastructure can support important transportation, energy, and economic development opportunities."

ComEd and Millennium Garages are supporting Illinois to achieve its target of one million EVs on the roads by 2030. While the demand for EVs and EV charging is expected to increase, there are currently 70,000 EVs in northern Illinois, with about 23,000 registered in Cook County.

Recently, Millennium Garages completed ventilation and building automation system upgrades to reduce annual energy consumption by an estimated 2 GWh, equivalent to eliminating $3.76 million of carbon emissions a year.

"This initiative aligns perfectly with our mission to improve air quality and reduce pollution, as electric vehicles play a crucial role in reducing harmful emissions," said Harold Wimmer, President and CEO of the American Lung Association. "A transition to clean, zero-emission vehicles would have a dramatic impact on the air quality and health of Illinois residents."

ComEd customers have achieved over $8 billion in savings on their energy bills under the ComEd Energy Efficiency program introduced in 2008.

Recently, ComEd invested $231 million in electrification and plans for new rebates, rates, and pilot studies to help more customers move toward EVs and higher efficiency technology upgrades at home.