Voltera Electrifying Ports of Savannah, Los Angeles, and Long Beach to Accelerate Zero-Emission Freight Operations

April 30, 2024
To support the projects, Voltera will receive $9.6 million in federal funding to build the charging sites for Class 8 electric drayage trucks and to decarbonize key logistics hubs

Voltera, a developer, owner, and operator of charging infrastructure for zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) fleets, announced its owned sites near the Port of Savannah in Georgia and the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in California will receive $9.6 million in federal funding to support Voltera's vision of electrifying America's ports. 

Each site will be built from the ground up, and EV charging will be made available to customers through multiple contracting models. These projects will help accelerate the transition to zero-emission freight operations and the decarbonization of key logistics hubs, as designated through the recently released US Zero-Emission Freight Corridor Strategy. 

Project funding was provided by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) through the US Department of Transportation's Reduction of Truck Emissions at Port Facilities (RTEPF) program. 

“The assistance from the administration and state and local government agencies has been critically helpful,” said Matt Horton, CEO of Voltera. “Having a roadmap in terms of how to roll out freight corridors allows us to catalyze a lot of investment from the private sector to complement the incentives that the government has provided.”

Developed in partnership with Georgia Power, Voltera's Savannah site will deliver up to 23 MW of charging capacity with more than 120 charging stalls to accommodate Class 8 electric drayage trucks servicing the Port of Savannah. The site will enable efficient, resilient, and sustainable drayage operations at the Port, and Voltera estimates the site will reduce emissions by 37,000 metric tons per year. 

Voltera's charging site in Wilmington, California, was selected due to its adjacency to critical connection routes to the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach. The site will feature 20 charging stalls for Class 8 electric trucks and deliver up to 4 MW of charging capacity. Voltera estimates the site will reduce emissions by up to 6,300 metric tons annually. 

“We struggle with unhealthy air and negative public health impacts from port pollution, much of it from the thousands of diesel-burning trucks that bring goods to and from the Port of Los Angeles every day. Our communities will benefit directly from this federal investment in electric truck charging. We will be able to reduce emissions at our port, create good paying jobs, and improve our communities’ public health," said Congresswoman Nanette Barragan.