SoCalGas using state grant to develop hydrogen production system

June 10, 2022
It will use biogas for production, reducing production costs to $1.39 per kilogram

The Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) received a grant of $750,000 from the California Energy Commission to develop a novel hydrogen production system, which uses biogas. The resultant system will deliver affordable, scalable, renewable hydrogen.

The low-cost clean hydrogen will be produced using renewable electricity that uses renewable gas, like biogas from landfills or dairy farms as feedstock. The resultant system will produce hydrogen at a lower temperature, without the need for combustion, thus avoiding nitrogen oxide emissions. In this project, SoCalGas will develop a bench-scale demonstration which is modular and scalable. It will be capable of producing 5kg of hydrogen per day.

The project aims to reduce the cost of producing renewable hydrogen to $1.39 per kilogram while also reducing emissions by as much as 95%. The system will produce low-carbon or carbon-negative hydrogen and capture the CO2 co-product for use in CO2-based fuels, microalgae fuels, concrete building materials and feedstock.

The firm will begin testing the system in 2023.