6K Energy to Supply Cathode Active Materials to Forge Nano for Lithium-Ion Battery Production

Aug. 28, 2023
Forge Nano will utilize these materials to produce battery cells for use in the Department of Defense, aerospace, fleet, and other applications

Forge Nano, Inc., a domestic lithium-ion battery producer, has signed a five-year purchase and supply agreement with 6K Energy, a lithium-ion battery materials producer. Under this agreement, 6K Energy will supply Forge Nano with its domestically produced NMC 811 cathode active materials (CAMs). Forge Nano will utilize these materials to produce battery cells for use in the Department of Defense, aerospace, fleet, and other applications.

"This agreement is a critical first step for our industry and one which we believe will strengthen domestic supply chains for lithium-ion battery production in the United States," said 6K Energy President Sam Trinch. "Both organizations are keenly focused on delivering a 100% domestic supply chain for lithium-ion batteries to eliminate the dependence on foreign sources."

Cathode active materials are the components in a lithium-ion battery that ultimately determine the battery’s capacity, performance ability, and durability. 6K Energy’s CAMs will be produced at its PlusCAM facility, which is scheduled to open in late 2024 with a 13,000 metric tons per year production capacity.

6K Energy’s CAM production process generates zero liquid and solid waste, reduces water consumption by 90%, and reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gases by over 50% when compared to traditional battery material production methods. To produce the CAMs, the company will leverage domestic feedstock sources and recycled materials from end-of-life batteries.

"Initial cell production capability will be 1GWh per year, and we are actively engaged with multiple customers for securing 2+GWh per year. It is critical that we lock up our CAM feedstock, and 6K Energy answers the call from their Tennessee PlusCAM plant not only on the domestic front but also with respect to environmental challenges faced by current production technologies we see in China,” said Paul Lichty, Forge Nano CEO. 

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