Oatly achieved 100% Renewable Energy offset for North American plants in 2021

April 4, 2022
The oat drink manufacturer reached the milestone by sourcing renewable energy credits for the plants and working with local biodigester partners

Swedish oat-based dairy products firm Oatly Group has announced that its Millville, New Jersey and Ogden, Utah production facilities sourced 100% renewable electricity for the first time in 2021.

The firm sourced renewable electricity certificates (RECs) for the Millville plant from a local biodigester partner. This partner collects oat fiber residue from Oatly and combines it with other food waste to produce renewable natural gas. This gas is then, used to generate renewable electricity for supply to the local grid. Oatly purchased RECs equivalent to the electricity needed at the Millville facility for lighting, milling, mixing and refrigeration.

The firm purchased RECs for its Ogden plant, equivalent to the electricity needed at the facility. These RECs were generated from 100% wind and solar power from Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, California, Washington as well as Utah. Oatly has also partnered another local biodigester that uses oat fiber residue to make renewable natural gas.

Oatly North America’s Director of Sustainability Julie Kunen acknowledged the efforts at its Millville and Ogden facilities as significant milestones towards attaining the firm’s global sustainability ambitions. She added, “We want to lead by example, and that of course includes how we operate our production facilities.”

The plant milk drink market neared $20 billion in annual revenue in recent years and is expected to doubt that by 2025, according to some forecasts.