Energy Transition Cross-Sector Collaboration: Perspectives from the Oil and Gas Industry

July 20, 2023
This webinar, featuring leaders from ExxonMobil and DNV Energy provided different perspectives and insights from industry experts on how oil and gas companies are adapting and progressing toward cleaner emissions goals

For all its broad ambitions, the Energy Transition is often narrowly defined. Movements around energy transition are nearly always solely focused on the growth of renewable energy in the generation sector through the elimination of conventional resources.

No matter how it’s accomplished, decarbonization is the true goal of Net Zero ambitions in the coming decades, and all sectors, even oil and gas, are committed to achieving cleaner outcomes for producing and consuming energy. Check out our new webinar on how they are doing it. 

ExxonMobil, one of the world’s largest oil and gas producers, is publicly committed to curbing its greenhouse gas emissions and reaching Net Zero targets on operated assets by 2050. The company is working with Honeywell and other partners on decarbonization strategies such as carbon capture.

Dutch-based DNV Energy Systems, a global oil and gas company, is also actively engaged in the renewable energy industry and expresses ambitions of achieving Net Zero in the future.

Key leaders from both energy giants recently came together on Endeavor Business Media’s (EBM) webinar “Energy Transition Cross-Sector Collaboration.” Webinar moderator Alex Procyk, Upstream Editor of EBM’s Oil & Gas Journal, was joined by Vijay Swarup, Director of Technology at Exxonmobil, and Pedram Fanailoo, DNV’s Low Carbon Segment Leader – North America.  

During their discussion, they provided different perspectives and insights on how the oil and gas industry, so crucial in the past century to developing world economies, is adapting and progressing towards cleaner emissions goals. The energy industry leaders also tackled the distinct and formidable challenges associated with energy transition and highlighted the progress being made on the Road to Net Zero by 2050 and beyond.

Energy Transition Cross-Sector Collaboration” is now available and can be accessed by registering here.

This event was hosted by OGJ and sponsored by CGG, IFS, MSA, Parker Wellbore, S&B, and TGS.