Thiozen Receives NSF Grant to Produce Hydrogen from Sour Gas Waste Streams

March 1, 2024
Through this process, the company will reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by more than 300 million metric tons per year

Thiozen, a company known for producing clean hydrogen from “sour gas” waste streams, has received $1.18 million in grants from the US National Science Foundation (NSF) to commercialize its technology that replaces traditional hydrogen production methods.

Hydrogen is a crucial component in many commercial and industrial sectors, but its production is carbon-intensive and can produce pollutants – generating nearly 2% of all human-produced greenhouse gas emissions.

Hydrogen demand is dominated by large, cost-sensitive commodity chemical manufacturers, who are facing an increased need for hydrogen to bolster profits and meet local and federal environmental standards.

At the same time, rising regulatory pressure is limiting the construction of additional carbon-intensive hydrogen production infrastructures, leaving these manufacturers needing a solution.

Thiozen’s patented chemical cycle replaces traditional methods by producing hydrogen from hydrogen sulfide – the “sour gas” waste steam. Through this process, the company will reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by more than 300 million metric tons annually.

In addition, the technology will also improve air quality and respiratory health in communities located near current hydrogen infrastructure while providing cost-sensitive firms a path for procuring additional hydrogen and lowering the carbon intensity of their products.

“Thiozen offers the technology capable of producing hydrogen from sour gas waste streams, giving the energy industry the low-cost, low-emission hydrogen production method it needs,” said Ryan Gillis, President of Thiozen. “We greatly appreciate the funding from NSF, which will help us scale commercialization and perform multiple experimental campaigns demonstrating Thiozen’s performance against legacy hydrogen production technology.”

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