Resiliency is Top of Mind — Data is the Energy Industry’s Best Defense


The potential of severe, prolonged, and widespread disruption to critical infrastructure represents a growing threat made worse by more frequent bouts of extreme weather. Unfortunately, recent outages have made the power sector all too familiar with the increasing threat. Extreme weather is creating more close calls and outright disasters for energy companies from electric utilities to independent power producers (IPPs) – and by extension commercial and industrial (C&I) companies.  As risks from extreme weather grow, energy infrastructure owners must invest in resiliency to handle these increasingly common hazards, so they don’t metastasize into catastrophic events. C&I companies must also be able to diversify their energy procurement and management strategies.

This white paper explores how improved data collection and analytics helps a diverse array of energy infrastructure and C&I companies better predict, manage, and recover from extreme weather like heat waves, severe cold, floods, wildfires, and more.   

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