Nikola Opens New Hydrogen Refueling Station in California for Heavy-Duty Trucks

Feb. 7, 2024
The station will be able to fuel up to 40 Nikola hydrogen fuel cell electric Class 8 trucks each day, and the company plans to open nine more by the end of Q2 2024

Nikola Corporation, under its HYLA brand, has opened its first HYLA hydrogen refueling station in Ontario, California, representing the latest phase in Nikola’s commitment to providing hydrogen refueling solutions for Class 8 trucks.

The station will be able to fuel up to 40 Nikola hydrogen fuel cell electric Class 8 trucks each day, progressing the company on its journey to establish up to 60 hydrogen refueling stations in the next several years, with nine planned to be built by the end of Q2 2024.

The HYLA refueling network will offer Nikola hydrogen fuel cell EVs and other Class 8 customers flexible refueling options, including modular and permanent HYLA stations, customer-owned facilities, and partnerships with truck stops.

The company will also provide around-the-clock support with on-site HYLA Ambassadors and Operation Technicians at each refueling site to ensure an efficient fueling experience for customers.

“Easing the transition to a zero-emission trucking future and prioritizing access to a hydrogen solution network is our top objective, and we’re just getting started,” said Nikola’s President of Energy, Ole Hoefelmann. “Once the nine planned solutions are in place by mid-2024, Nikola will have established one of the world’s largest heavy-duty hydrogen refueling networks, providing customers accessibility at their current locations and along their planned routes.”

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