Standard Solar installs 3.3-MW PV project for Isle of Wight School system

Dec. 10, 2021
: The project will help the environment and save energy costs for the school system for the next 20 years

The Isle of Wight County Schools in Virginia says it's among the first in the area to transition to clean energy with the installation of a combined 3.3MW solar system, which will offset nearly 50% of the total electricity requirements of seven of its schools.

The rooftop arrays, installed by Standard Solar, are expected to generate about 4,252-MWh of clean energy each year.

Standard Solar owns and operates the systems. It provided engineering and design expertise and construction oversight for the installation on the rooftops of Windsor High School, Windsor Elementary School, Carrollton Elementary School, Carrsville Elementary School, GD Tyler Middle School and Smithfield Main.

 Isle of Wight County Schools’ division Superintendent Jim Thornton said, “Incorporating solar energy is cost-effective and helps the environment while reducing energy expenses and funneling savings to resources that directly impact student success.”

Standard Solar’s Director of Business Development John Finnerty added that the project will help the environment and save money for the school system over the next 20 years.