Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to transition Hiroshima plant to Solar

June 27, 2022
The Chugoku Electric Power Co will install 10 MW class PV facilities at the Wadaoki Plant to supply the clean energy to MHI under PPAs
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has signed a basic agreement with The Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc. to replace electricity consumed at its Mihara Machinery Works plant in Hiroshima with green power from renewable energy sources by the end of fiscal year 2023.

The electric utility will install 10-megawatt (MW) class photovoltaic (PV) facilities at its Wadaoki Plant and supply green power to MHI under onsite and offsite power purchase agreements.

The environmental value from these PV facilities will be used for complete decarbonization at Mihara Machinery Works, including its Itozaki and Kohama plants. Power generated at the Wadaoki Plant will first be used at the plant under an onsite PPA.

Excess power will then be supplied to the Itozaki and Kohama plants through the power grid under an offsite PPA. Any unused surplus power will be supplied to other MHI plants.

It will reduce nearly 10,000 tons of carbon emissions at Mihara Machinery Works annually.

MHI and Chugoku Electric say they will leverage the expertise gained through this project and pursue further collaboration to develop new solutions to achieve carbon neutrality.

The Mihara Machinery Works was started in 1943 to manufacture steam trains and components. Its plants have produced braking systems, engine controls, piping and instrumentation.

The facilities there now can do railway and other manufacturing, research and innovation work.