Mass Megawatts Deploying New Solar Tracking Tech for 350 kW Project

July 28, 2023
The CST technology can produce 35% more solar power with a less than 10% increase in cost

Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. (MMMW) is construction a 350 kW solar project on two warehouses totaling 500,000 sq ft near Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts. The project, valued at $700,000, will utilize MMMW’s patent-pending Concentrated Solar Power Tracking System (CST) that they hope will deliver a significant reduction in solar energy production costs.

The CST technology features reflectors mounted on the perimeter of a rotating platform that continually adjusts its position throughout the day to directly face the sun’s rays. These reflectors concentrate the sun’s rays directly onto a central solar panel that converts the sunlight into energy, improving overall energy production levels. The system also utilizes a patent-pending technology that MMMW claims avoids creating elevated heating levels.

The CST technology is an addition to MMMW’s previously disclosed patent-pending solar tracker, which can produce 35% more solar power with a less than 10% increase in cost. The company claims that the solar tracker technology can pay for itself in less than five years at most participating locations.