Vision RNG and Meridian Waste Inaugurate Landfill Gas to RNG Plant in Missouri

Oct. 16, 2023
The plant delivers RNG to the Panhandle Eastern pipeline, where it will be sold to energy company US Energy for distribution to its customers

Vision RNG (VRNG) and Meridian Waste have inaugurated the State of Missouri’s landfill gas (LFG) to renewable natural gas (RNG) plant at Meridian’s Eagle Ridge landfill in Bowling Green, Missouri.

“This is the first of more than a dozen such plants VRNG will be constructing and bringing online over the next 18-24 months, including two more with our partners at Meridian Waste,” said Bill Johnson, CEO of VRNG.

The plant utilizes LFG from the landfill and converts it to a renewable energy resource, which is delivered to an adjacent Panhandle Eastern pipeline and sold to energy company US Energy for distribution to its customers.

The plant not only processes about 1,500 standard cubic feet per minute of raw LFG but also produces about 350,000 MMbtu per year of RNG, equivalent to creating 3,070,175 gallons of gasoline.

RNG can be used in a variety of beneficial ways, including:

  • As a transportation fuel in CNG-powered vehicles and other sustainable fuel uses.
  • By industrial and commercial companies as a substitute for natural gas.
  • By customers to generate renewable electricity.
  • By customers to reduce their carbon footprint.

“We're seeing increased demand for RNG from the transportation and voluntary markets,” said Bryan Nudelbacher, Vice President of Business Development—RNG at U.S. Energy. “The industry needs more projects like this to come online in new regions to help meet market demand.”