TECO 2023 Receives Design Approval for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Passenger Ferry from Norwegian Maritime Authority

March 1, 2024
The hydrogen-powered ferry will help the Norwegian government in meeting its zero-emissions requirement for high-speed ferries that will start in 2025

TECO 2030, a green technology provider for the maritime sector, and Umoe Mandal have received “approval of preliminary design” from the Norwegian Maritime Authority for a multi-megawatt hydrogen fuel cell-powered high-speed passenger transportation ferry.

Passenger transport by high-speed ferries is a common practice in Norway, but they are often linked to extremely high greenhouse gas emissions per passenger kilometer. As a result, the Norwegian government is currently implementing a zero-emission requirement for high-speed ferries starting in 2025.

 The TECO 2023 vessel features Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) Surface Effect Ship (SES) technology – which is commonly used in the construction, maintenance, and operations of offshore wind farms. This technology will ensure high fuel efficiency, sufficient range to sail a complete route without recharging, and high passenger comfort in rough sea conditions.

In total, the new vessel will have a service speed of 35 knots, a minimum range of 160 nautical miles, and can accommodate up to 275 passengers.

The hydrogen-powered vessel will also reduce the fuel consumption by more than 55% compared to existing equivalent fossil-fueled high speed passenger vessels.

The project is receiving financial support from Norwegian County Municipalities such as Finnmark, Nordland, Trondelag, and Vestland to construct and demonstrate the hydrogen-powered high-speed ferry that meets the Norwegian 2025 zero-emission requirements.