GKN Hydrogen and ZYNP Sign MOU to Bring Hydrogen Storage to the Chinese Market

June 12, 2024
GKN’s metal hydride hydrogen storage technology has been described as the “safest in the world.”

Global automotive supplier ZYNP and German hydrogen storage company GKN Hydrogen have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to jointly bring hydrogen storage solutions to China and decarbonize its mobility infrastructure market. Under the partnership, China-based ZYNP would be GKN’s exclusive partner in the country.
ZYNP, the leading manufacturer of cylinder liners and power piston assembly systems for automotive companies, is using the opportunity to break into hydrogen solutions and will begin offering “fuel cells in various power classes” in the heavy-duty segment, according to the release. 

“The whole area of mobility infrastructure is very attractive and of great importance,” said Delong Xue, ZYNP Chairman. “With our expertise and GKN Hydrogen's products, we will provide and implement the best hydrogen solutions for China."

GKN, which has already realized nearly 30 projects worldwide, brings its metal hydride hydrogen storage solution, which it self-describes as being the safest in the world due to its solid-state and non-compressive design, to the table. Last year, the company signed a similar MOU with Mitsubishi to bring its technology to Japan.

GKN CEO Guido Degen said the partnership with ZYNP provides “ideal conditions” for the company’s goals. 

“China is already a leader in the production and use of green hydrogen. [The company] has already realized 26 projects worldwide and is consistently focusing on its presence in growth markets and the development of new storage applications. In our view, the partnership with ZYNP provides ideal conditions to achieve our goals both commercially and technologically."

The partners did not disclose the financial details of the collaboration but indicated that their first step was to quickly determine strategic application areas and install a demonstration system in China for the expected rapid market ramp-up.

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