Vision RNG Developing 3 LFG to RNG Facilities at Landfills in Alabama and Tennessee

March 28, 2024
The three projects combined will create significant energy and environmental benefits while producing over 1 million MMbtu per year

Vision RNG has signed definitive agreements to develop, build, own, and operate three landfill gas (LFG) to renewable natural gas (RNG) facilities at three privately owned Southeastern US landfills in Alabama and Tennessee.

LFG is a natural by-product of decomposing waste deposited in a landfill, and regulations require it be collected and flared. However, the two primary components of LFG are methane and carbon dioxide - both of which are significant contributors to climate change.

By utilizing LFG as an energy source, Vision RNG hopes to create a waste gas stream that offers significant energy and environmental benefits. 

The RNG will be injected into nearby natural gas transmission lines to be distributed to customers either in the transportation fuel market or in displacing natural gas to meet sustainability goals and reduce the consumption of fossil natural gas. The projects will directly benefit the local communities by reducing the emissions of LFG flaring and creating jobs for local construction and operations.

The three projects combined will convert LFG to RNG and produce over 1 million MMbtu per year. 

Vision RNG has a total of 15 LFG to RNG projects, which initially produce over 5,600,000 MMbtu of RNG and, owing to the new additions, will grow to 6,500,000 MMbtu by 2029.

“The landfill owner of the three sites has a great focus on maximizing resource value while minimizing environmental impact, and this commitment to sustainability is aligned with our own mission to provide clean, sustainable energy to users of RNG in the transportation market as well as non-transportation uses for renewable fuel and sustainability use,” said William Held, Chief Business Development Officer for Vision RNG.