VRNG and WIN Waste Partner for 2 LFG to RNG Conversion Projects at Ohio Landfills

Nov. 6, 2023
The projects are anticipated to reduce more than 120,000 tons of fossil-based CO2 emissions yearly

Vision RNG (VRNG) and WIN Waste Innovations (WIN Waste) have collaborated to build two projects to convert LFG to RNG at the latter’s Seneca County landfill in Seneca County, Ohio and Tunnel Hill Reclamation landfill in Perry County, Ohio.

According to VRNG and WIN Waste, the projects are expected to produce more than 2.7 million MMBtu’s of RNG annually in the initial phases and more than double within 11 years.

They are anticipated to reduce more than 120,000 tons of fossil-based CO2 emissions yearly, equivalent to those produced by 12 million gallons of gasoline or 250,000 barrels of oil annually, once commissioned.

Moreover, the projects are also expected to create many construction jobs and full-time plant operator positions.

The RNG produced from the projects is expected to be used by customers in the transportation fuel market looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The energy content expected to be gained from the projects is equivalent to the energy required to power more than 35,000 homes annually.

The collection and conversion of methane in LFG into a cleaner, renewable fuel, consistent with VRNG and WIN Waste’s planned practices at the two Ohio landfills, will reduce the need for the combustion of new fossil fuels.

“Turning the greenhouse gases that are a normal byproduct of end disposal into renewable fuel exemplifies our mission to invest in more environmentally friendly practices while providing the essential waste services our communities need,” said Dan Mayo, CEO of WIN Waste Innovations.